Traditional Tai Chi Training

Tues, Thurs, Sat. Middletown VA. $10 / hr.

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is not only relaxing and captivating, it is a true, internal energy art and it is taught from that point of view at Ranna Tai Chi. This Traditional Tai Chi
training approach is anchored in traditional principles which incorporate Qi Gong standing practice, Yang family styles of solo long forms - Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Lo Chan, and two-person Tui Shou training. The therapeutic aspects of Tai Chi are taught in parallel to the martial aspects. The inseparable martial and therapeutic aspects of Tai Chi are beneficial and transformative.

Photo: Ranna demonstrating a Tai Chi movement. © All rights reserved.

"Be still like a mountain. Move like a flowing river."

Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 440.)

Traditional Tai Chi is communicated person-to-person, by example. Training is conducted as in traditional times in China: Participants gather to train in Tai Chi for the love of this internal energy art. The challenge is the Tai Chi itself and training at Ranna Tai Chi is not affiliated with any organization or hierarchy. Instead, in keeping with the fact that Tai Chi is an internal energy art, students in Ranna's classes are encouraged to approach their practice as a commitment to themselves, not to externals such as hierarchies, associations, belts or gradings.

The motto at Ranna Tai Chi is
"Let the Tai Chi teach you itself."

Ranna Tai Chi - cross hands move in Yang Cheng Fuy long form Tai Chi. © All rights reserved.

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